What NYC Developers To Choose for Commercial Real Estate?

If you are thinking of opening up a business in the powerful platform of New York City, you need to be ready to pounce on the real estate. New York City is home to Joe Sitt as well as some of the most influential, powerful, and successful businesses in the entire nation. When it comes to deciding on your real estate agency you want to make sure you pick a team that really understand the New York City market, and what works well for up and coming businesses, like yours.

If you are looking for a well-known commercial real estate agent, you may want to consider talking with Eastdil Secured. They are considered the pioneers in commercial real estate, opening up their business in 1967. Eastdil Secured is the top broker in New York City right now, selling commercial and residential properties with their best-in-class services. One of the most appealing parts of Eastdil Secured is that they have partners working for them with tenures of over fifteen years. If any company can keep partners for over ten years, you know they are doing something right ethically.

A newer real estate company that has just come onto the market in 2007 is Rosewood Realty Group. It was founded Aaron Jungreis and David Berger. They focus primarily on New York and New Jersey real estate, which means they know what they are talking about it when it comes to commercial real estate. They did over 3.2 billion dollars in sales, and that makes them on the top NYC investment sales firms of 2015.

One last real estate company that should be talked about is Carlton Group, which is a private real estate firm. An impressive face about the Carlton Group is that they do over three million in sales overseas annually, so you can be assured they have connections all over the world if needed. They did over eight-hundred million in 2015, which still makes them a leading contender for NYC real estate agencies for commercial real estate.

Buying real estate in any market can be difficult, especially if you are not familiar with the market. Buying real estate in a place like New York City is a daunting task so you want to make sure you have the best companies behind you, and supporting you. Your business will depend greatly on the location and the building space, so make sure you work with New York Cities finest.