Well-known Art Collectors in Miami

Miami, Florida is a city that is known for a lot of things. Miami is also a great city for art collectors. There is a strong culture in Miami including entertainment centers and Museums. This city is home to the Frost Art Museum, the Miami Art Museum, and the Miami Children’s Museum. The city also has the largest Art Exhibition in the world making it an idea place for some famous art collectors. There are many well-known art collectors that live in Miami, like George Lindemann Jr. and the famous collectors included below.

Jorge Perez

This businessman is one of the best art collectors in the city. He donates large amounts of money to the local art museums. His home shows his love of art and he has many famous pieces at his residence. Perez is even developed his business out of his love or art where he is the chairman and CEO.

Martin Margulies

This self-made millionaire has a love for art and can be seen at many different art events in Miami. His personal collection of art is kept in the Winwood art section of Miami. His art collection includes over 40,000 different works and he is always adding to his already large collection. Some of his favorite works of art were made by the likes of Willem de Kooning and Richard Serra.

Donald and Mera Rubell

This family has collected over 6,500 works of art and have pieces from artists from all around the world. They have their art collection featured in Miami and allows the public to view it. This couple is well respected for their knowledge of art and their taste in the artwork. They have many pieces from the likes of Dana Shutz and Keith Haring.

Rosa and Carlos de la Cruz

This is another well-known couple in the world of art in Miami. They have many well-known contemporary pieces and allow people to view their collection free of charge. They like works with bold colors and flowers. The couple has pieces that are worth millions of dollars, but they want to be able to share their passion for art with others.

These are some of the best-known art collectors in Miami. These collectors have a love for art and they are willing to share their passion with other art lovers.