Making Miami a Luxury Commerce Destination

Craig Robins is the president and CEO of Dacra, a real estate development company that focuses on creating outstanding communities through the combination of living culture and commerce located around the area. Robins is known for taking communities in the Miami area and transforming them into hubs that are booming with culture. These communities later become interested points for native travelers and tourists alike, which in turn drives up that neighborhood’s economy. In fact, it was Robins’ development company that played a vital role in the rebranding and revitalization of the South Beach area during the 1980s and 90s.

The company has now taken a renewed interest in Miami, stating that it will become a cultural area just like New York City and Los Angeles. The rise of big attractions like science and art museums has prepared the city for a major boom. Robins says that Miami is an international city much like New York City and Los Angeles and that the mixture of cultures, art, music, and food make for a fantastic renovation potential, which he plans to take to the next level with various developments in the future.

Robins states that it has become his passion to choose locations where he integrates aspects like culture, food, commerce, art, and music into a community and then add to it a fantastic developmental structure. Whether it’s a residential building, or a renovation of houses, or any other kind of attraction that would call to the attention of people because of the culture that surrounds the area. He does this so that the commerce will increase in that location, making it easier for the renovated area to boom on its own and keep growing a cultural hub.

Another thing that Robins is focused on is the many different clothing and luxury brands that have chosen Miami to launch their products. This attracts a lot of different people to the city and adds a different sort of tone to the different developments he has going on in the area. For example, he has now been able to bring a luxury watch trade to the Miami area, which will come with a giant launch event that will undoubtedly bring about a lot of tourism and commerce, making it the perfect accessory event for a new development. Robins wants Miami to be world class luxury commerce destination just like other major cities in the United States.