Is boarding school the right choice?

There are many benefits of going to boarding schools. They offer a wealth of experience in academics, extracurricular activities and athletics. This article highlights how a private education at a respectable boarding school helps a student to succeed. Top US boarding schools like Phillips Academy and St. George’s School provide academic and extracurricular benefits that can’t be found in a public school. Over the years, libraries have been transformed into media centers. Apart from the usual print material, a typical boarding school also has the latest technology.

Most students in boarding schools are there because they want to learn. In addition, they want to become successful in life. Since most private schools are very strict when it comes to selecting the students they admit, only serious students find their way in.

These are students who are willing to work hard both in the classroom and on the playing field.

One of the benefits of going to boarding school is learning how to become responsible and mature. A boarding school is like a community. It gives students the opportunity to learn how to get along with their colleagues. Also, the students learn to be responsible for their actions, since they are bounded by a discipline or honor code.

The life lessons that students learn while in boarding school lay a rather solid foundation for success during adulthood.

A good number of boarding schools have fantastic sports facilities. Such schools also have a wide range of sports and teams, which students can choose from: be it basketball, hockey, crew, or squash.

Most boarding schools have fitness facilities that even some of the best commercial fitness establishments can’t match. In boarding schools, the chances of students, especially those who frequent the gym, becoming obese or unfit is almost zero.

Sports are a very important part of a student’s academic life. Students who engage in sporting activities not only become fit, but also stay away from harmful activities like smoking and alcohol consumption. Furthermore, such students stay refreshed, and find learning very easy.

Most boarding schools only employ teachers who have earned degrees in specific subjects. Research shows that experienced teachers, especially those with advanced degrees in their fields, are passionate about their job. These talented teachers love to teach young people.

At boarding schools, education is not just about educating students academically in the classrooms; rather, it is about teaching students to become better-rounded persons.