Celebrities that hang out in Miami Beach

Celebrities love to vacation in the Miami area because of its amazing weather and even better beaches. The sun is always shining in the Miami area, and there are plenty of places for these celebrities to party and relax. There are many people who are seen in the area like Craig Robins, and they are always coming through because they know that it is a great place to play.

Chris Bosh actually lives in the area while he stars for the Miami Heat, and he loves living in the area because he does so much charity work there. He does love to hit the clubs, and he would be hard to miss because he is seven feet tall. The same could be said for Dwyane Wade who lives in the area, and he can be seen out with his wife when they are ready to hit the town. He is a distinctive and attractive guy, and he is the kind of person that makes it more fun for people to go out when they see him.

The Kardashian sisters have run businesses in the area, and they are still seen there coming into town to have fun in the sun. They are very famous for vacationing in the area because they love the nice hotels and the nightclubs. This is a really interesting part of coming to Miami because a tourist could see any of the sisters at any time. This is very important for people who want to make a sighting. They are more likely to see one of the sisters than anyone else.

John Krasinski was seen in the area when he came to the special premiere of his new movie 13 Hours. This is a really cool thing for people who were able to see him, and he came to the area with his lovely wife. The best part of meeting celebrities is that they are so relaxed that they are fun to meet. Rarely is someone working when they come to Miami, and these celebrities are often going to help the biggest clubs on South Beach blow up with attendance. Someone who loves to have fun should make sure that they are going to come to all the clubs to see who they can find.

There are a lot of celebrities to be seen in Miami, and people who love coming to the area will see more people every time they visit.