What NYC Developers To Choose for Commercial Real Estate?

If you are thinking of opening up a business in the powerful platform of New York City, you need to be ready to pounce on the real estate. New York City is home to Joe Sitt as well as some of the most influential, powerful, and successful businesses in the entire nation. When it comes to deciding on your real estate agency you want to make sure you pick a team that really understand the New York City market, and what works well for up and coming businesses, like yours.

The Must Visit Galleries in Design Miami

Art Basel Miami Beach has risen to become the world’s premier art fair and the favorite Winter activity of the rich and famous. Yet, celebrities come to Buena Vista in Miami all year round for its food, scenery, weather, and art scene. Eva Mendes calls the Design District home. George Clooney and Beyonce grab lunch […]

Why Spotify is Bothering a Lot of People

A new privacy policy from Spotify introduced with little fanfare has sparked a backlash against the streaming music service, prompting an apology and clarification from the company CEO. Earlier this week, Spotify quietly announced that it plans to begin looking through your phone, tracking your location and even following your activity on Facebook in an […]

Art That You Can Afford

There are many people who would like to have more decorations in their apartments, but actually can’t afford to buy them. You’ll see that there are many galleries around each city that has paintings, sculptures, mosaics, and all those little or bigger things that you would simply love to have inside your home. The only […]