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What NYC Developers To Choose for Commercial Real Estate?

If you are thinking of opening up a business in the powerful platform of New York City, you need to be ready to pounce on the real estate. New York City is home to Joe Sitt as well as some of the most influential, powerful, and successful businesses in the entire nation. When it comes to deciding on your real estate agency you want to make sure you pick a team that really understand the New York City market, and what works well for up and coming businesses, like yours.

The History behind the Design District

The Design District, a planned development that was previously referred to as Bueno Vista has both a rich history filled with ups and downs. The old Design District mostly contained low-rise warehouses. Bueno Vista was a flourishing neighborhood in the 1920s and enjoyed as much of the property boom as anywhere else. The area was […]

Corporate Settlements from a Partner’s Perspective

Two decades or so ago criminal prosecution for corporations changed. Instead of striving to prove criminal intent and secure guilty verdicts in a jury trial, the Department of Justice (DOJ) moved toward a more expedient system of criminal investigation and prosecution by instituting the Non-Prosecution Agreement (NPA) and Deferred Prosecution Agreement (DPA) resolution methodology. The […]

The New Miami: The Home of Entertainment and Culture

The Miami-Buena Vista Florida area is growing and developing in ways that eclipsed what was previously thought to be possible. It has attracted the likes of many tourists. Including some of those, whose fame causes paparazzi to line the streets outside of the venues they are patronizing. On any given night you can dine near […]

Loyola Hires New Offensive Coordinator Marc Van Arsdale

The Loyola Greyhounds look towards the upcoming season with a new offensive coordinator in┬áMarc Van Arsdale. Offensive coordinator Ryan Moran left last season to join UMBC’s team. Van Arsdale had one season left in his contract with Virginia, but decided since the school was already recruiting a new head coach and offensive coordinator it was […]