Tavares Strachan at Cary Academy


It’s a keen parent who can call on an internationally recognized visual artist to come visit their kid’s school’s art class.  But that’s precisely what’s happened this past month at Cary Academy whose art class students have not only benefited so has the entire campus population.

The visiting artist Tavares Strachan is originally from the Bahamas and now based in New York.  He is an assembler of mixed media and installation works which meld technological fascinations with concepts that explore identity and place in novel ways.  Writing in the Boston Globe on a Strachan solo show at MIT’s List Center, Sebastian Smee described the artists’ works as sculptures that, “address themselves to an inhospitable universe with a combination of wide-eyed technophilia and darker apprehensions of futility and absurdity.”   Some heady concepts those. But Strachan’s work is political certainly yet it is also always timely and rooted in the local in profound ways.   It’s that aspect I admire the most about his work.  Though placed for the time being within a private academic setting, the piece is already making a splash outside its wall mounted location via social media including YouTube and Facebook and Twitter sites.  Such exposure will allow the work to benefit area youth in a manner which they are likely not  often not able to experience in the visual arts.   Let’s hope this work titled I Belong Here sets a precedent for more adventurousness in the local artistic climate.



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    When Tavares Strachan installed I Belong Here at Cary Academy we had a camera taking a photograph every 5 seconds for 5 days straight. This video is 5 days edited down into 3:40. The music and lyrics were written by Korey Weaver, a senior at Cary Academy. Let us know what you think! http://bit.ly/xcKvaQ

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