Is boarding school the right choice?

There are many benefits of going to boarding schools. They offer a wealth of experience in academics, extracurricular activities and athletics. This article highlights how a private education at a respectable boarding school helps a student to succeed. Top US boarding schools like Phillips Academy and St. George’s School provide academic and extracurricular benefits that […]

Standout college golfers turned professional

Popular pro golfer Phil Mickelson who has had a good amount of success as a pro attended Arizona State University on a golf scholarship where he won three NCAA individual championships

Career advice from an executive recruiter

Remaining successful in your career is very important and some of the people from whom you can get the best advice on how to remain successful are recruiters like Gary Burnison. If you ask a recruiter the tips on how to remain successful, each one of them will give a different answer. And because they […]

Being a PGA Pro: The Experience

Phil Mickelson and other golfers who play at the PGA (Professional Golf Association) level have perfected the art of preparation. They are the best of the best and some have routines while others rely on caddies or assistants to help them prepare in full. Mental and Physical Preperation The first line of preparation is knowing […]

The Must Visit Galleries in Design Miami

Art Basel Miami Beach has risen to become the world’s premier art fair and the favorite Winter activity of the rich and famous. Yet, celebrities come to Buena Vista in Miami all year round for its food, scenery, weather, and art scene. Eva Mendes calls the Design District home. George Clooney and Beyonce grab lunch […]

How to Use Art and Design to Enrich a Building

Art and design are needed to make buildings look fantastic. There are many ways to do this, especially in Buena Vista, Miami, Florida. Since art and design have to deal with the way people see things, it is important that they be attractive to the eyes. Using Bold Lines and Forms In many cases, buildings […]

Enter the World of Bean-to-Bar Chocolate

You’ve probably heard of all sorts of artisanal and craft made foods, from coffee to cheese and everything in between. If you’ve ever wondered when you’d be able to get artisanal handmade chocolate, then you’re in luck. Bean-to-bar chocolate is chocolate handcrafted by chocolatiers who control the process of making chocolate from beginning to end. […]

How Do Golfers Prepare For Their Tournaments?

Every professional golfer has their own way of preparing for a tournament, but there is no question that all golfers must practice the same skills. Golfers must work on their putting, driving and mid-range shots every day, and golfers who are practicing properly have a much better chance of winning on the tour. This article […]

Questions and Answers about White Collar Law

Sean Hecker has established himself as one of the legal professionals in the field of white collar law. He is a partner in Debevoise and Plimpton LLP’s white collar practice group, located in New York City. He is able to offer powerful representation for individuals in the Securities and Exchange Commission in both criminal and […]

Celebrities that hang out in Miami Beach

Celebrities love to vacation in the Miami area because of its amazing weather and even better beaches. The sun is always shining in the Miami area, and there are plenty of places for these celebrities to party and relax. There are many people who are seen in the area like Craig Robins, and they are […]