Hasty Pudding Man of the Year Award

The chairman of the Hasty Pudding Institute, Andrews L. Farkas, was giving his speech to introduce the Pudding’s 2019 Man of the Year when he had to stop shortly after he started. The crowd went wild when he announced the co-ed casting for the Pudding’s 2019 musical, which caused the chairman to have to pause […]

Making Miami a Luxury Commerce Destination

The company has now taken a renewed interest in Miami, stating that it will become a cultural area just like New York City and Los Angeles. The rise of big attractions like science and art museums has prepared the city for a major boom. Robins says that Miami is an international city much like New York City and Los Angeles and that the mixture of cultures, art, music, and food make for a fantastic renovation potential, which he plans to take to the next level with various developments in the future.

Well-known Art Collectors in Miami

Miami, Florida is a city that is known for a lot of things. Miami is also a great city for art collectors. There is a strong culture in Miami including entertainment centers and Museums. This city is home to the Frost Art Museum, the Miami Art Museum, and the Miami Children’s Museum. The city also […]

The American Repertory Theatre Breaks Million Dollar Mark at Gala

The American Repertory Theatre held this year’s gala event on Monday, February 27, 2017 at the Boch Center Wang Theatre in Boston, MA. This year’s annual gala raised a record breaking $1.3M to fund education, art, and community. There were close to 500 supporters from the Boston, New York, and Los Angeles areas attending the […]

Miami Design District Entertainment Venue

The Miami Design District is a hotbed of creativity and luxury experiences but it was not always like this. The area was once abandoned and had fallen into disrepair until real estate developer Craig Robins stepped in and decided that the area had a lot potential. Craig Robins is the chief executive officer and president of a real estate company that is known as Dacra. Through Dacra he instituted an extensive real estate development initiative that helped to transform the Miami Design District from an overlooked part of Miami into a must-see destination for any travelers that make their way to Miami. Today the Miami Design District has over 70 art galleries and often plays host for events that are connected to the annual global art fair that takes place in Miami that is known as Art Basel.

New head of school is settling in at St. George’s

As the 2017-2018 school year officially gets underway, Alixe Callen, the 12th Head of St. George’s School and the first woman to lead the school, welcomed the new students to the coeducational boarding and day school.

The newly appointed Callen, who was selected from more than 150 candidates, told the students she would encourage them to challenge themselves by not only asking questions but by taking risks and having the confidence the community will be there for them.

The History behind the Design District

The Design District, a planned development that was previously referred to as Bueno Vista has both a rich history filled with ups and downs. The old Design District mostly contained low-rise warehouses. Bueno Vista was a flourishing neighborhood in the 1920s and enjoyed as much of the property boom as anywhere else. The area was […]

Corporate Settlements from a Partner’s Perspective

Two decades or so ago criminal prosecution for corporations changed. Instead of striving to prove criminal intent and secure guilty verdicts in a jury trial, the Department of Justice (DOJ) moved toward a more expedient system of criminal investigation and prosecution by instituting the Non-Prosecution Agreement (NPA) and Deferred Prosecution Agreement (DPA) resolution methodology. The […]